The "Connected With Ruben Torres" show will be a premier online destination for those interested in being inspired by stories of genuine people in our own community. Business owners, non-profits, musicians, actors, artists, pastors, innovators and influencers.

The CONNECTED podcast is an ever developing multi-media tool and a Dynamic brand experience with a direct route to business, community, family, faith, cultural and spiritual engagement. 

The CONNECTED show is a home for motivational stories to live on by giving a voice to an authentic side of people all on one collective platform while promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. Be prepared to be EDUTAINED. 



"To awaken the possibility of others"

"This show will give a platform for stories that inspire, I want to help share WHO they are, WHERE they are in their journey, and WHAT they're doing...but especially WHY they're doing it" - Ruben Torres


Ruben Torres, San Diego native deeply rooted in the Southern California culture and lifestyle. Started off his career as a musical performer and songwriter, not having many venues to select from, he decided to start putting together his own events. In high school Ruben started organizing and promoting concerts and then moved on to car shows, bike shows with musical performances. 


Ruben emerged into the business side of the music industry by sphere-heading the independent record label RESCUE RECORDS for rock band P.O.D., where he learned all aspects of the record industry. After launching several artists into successful runs, he then went on to create his own record label. He managed, wrote and produced records for several artists and launched their careers to become successful.


As his interest in the Entertainment industry grew, Ruben went on to pursue film and video, producing music videos, documentaries and independent films for FORTRESS Ent. Group. In transition to video production the opportunity arose to broker some deals for Ted Turner’s WCW World Championship Wrestling where they quickly became the go-to guys for the Latin urban audience, which led to theatrical skits, musical production and music videos. 


Inevitably the passion for the industry led Ruben to move to Los Angeles, where he was exposed to the next level of the entertainment industry. Ruben had the opportunity to work with multi-platinum artists in the studio and on the road.


Being presented with new opportunities, led him back once again, to the San Diego circuit. In 2004, he launched the Latin urban clothing line “Jefe Clothing”, with business partner and child-hood friend Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. From 2008 to 2010, He took some time to be with his family and renew his mind and spirit.


With having experienced Co-Hosting 2 different online radio shows (Heavyweight Radio & Proof of Life Radio) Ruben went from behind the mic to in front of the camera. In 2010 “Connected with Ruben Torres” was launched, which started the hype of directing, producing and shooting music videos and hosting an online cultural and lifestyle YOUTUBE TV show in which he has interviews with the Likes of Cheech Marin and clips with Musicians like P.O.D. and Snoop Dogg.


Realizing the attention and responsibility with branding a name within the community Ruben used his influence to help launch community charity events as well as his international Christmas-time toy drive “Love Thy Neighbor” for kids and families in Tijuana Mexico. These events sparked the idea to turn the LOVE THY NEIGHBOR MOVEMENT into a non-profit organizationand since 2010 has been working on humanitarian efforts on both sides of the border. 


Ruben’s abilities to promote events and bring people together brought out his love for Art and a passion to expose the talent surrounding him. Realizing the amount of people that would attend his smaller events it was time to step it up, so Ruben the curated his “HeART OF..” series. “The HeART of LUCHA” and “The Heart of LOTERIA” to promote the Latino Art and Culture. The HeART of LUCHA has become the Largest LUCHA LIBRE art exhibition in the nation.


Ruben's opportunity for exposure has also come in the form of Public speaking and appearance such as Soledad State Prison - Arts Program Judge, Alley Art and Film Festival 2015 - Judge Independent Films, San Diego Latin Film Festival 2015 - Poster Art Jury, Stanislaus County Juvenile Hall - Outreach Program Speaker, San Diego FCW wrestling super show 10/15 - Host, San Diego Music Thing 2015 - Panelist.


Ruben has become a positive figure within San Diego / Tijuana and in a sense he himself is a BRAND and Because of these opportunities of events it has allowed Ruben to gain a foothold, within the Latino community as a cultural architect to empower and capture the minds & hearts of the community through visions of hope by inspiring and motivating others to pursue and fulfill their dreams.