EPISODE 1 // WUV - Get Connected with WUV the Drummie of P.O.D.

WUV talks about their indie label Rescue Records, how they started with getting distribution and getting into stores. Back in the day there was no social media and you were only as strong as your mailing list. POD moved on to Atlantic Records and proved that they could move units. His moment of knowing they finally made it, touring on their first tour bus, and hearing their music on the radio for the first time. We talk about Howard Stern putting them their show and breaking them with radio. Representing their town and doing shows for the SD Padres and SD Chargers, having friendships with SD's pro athletes. Other celebs coming out from out neighbor hood like Rey Mysterio and Mario Lopez. Their experience at WrestleMania 22 performance with Rey Mysterio when he won the title. The pros and cons of being on a major vs an indie label.


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